Massage therapy is often treated as a reward for adults after a stressful work week or to celebrate a milestone. That means the idea of a child receiving massage therapy may seem illogical. However, children can benefit from massage therapy almost as much as adults and both parents and children should be including this therapy as a method of wellness frequently. Whether your child is consistently active and involved in sports, or more studious and finds themselves sedentary, the benefits of massage therapy can do wonders for them mentally and physically.

Still a little skeptical? Check out Oshawa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Wellness Centre’s informative guide on how beneficial massage therapy can be for your child’s development.

Helps To Reduce Stress

It may not seem as impactful at their age, however, stress can affect children immensely in a variety of ways. From causing mental illness to issues with the immune system, weight, and high blood pressure. Studies have found that a massage for children can increase blood flow in their body, allowing easier breathing and growth, increased concentration, a balanced immune system and reduction in anger, sadness and stress. This can ultimately increase attentiveness and will to learn in a child, making school easier and more enjoyable for them. 

Promotes Better Posture

Office work can be monotonous and keep you in a stagnant position, but so can spending six hours each day sitting in a classroom. Not only are their postures affected while learning, but they’re also impacted by spending time hunched over occupied on phones and other electronic devices. Massage therapy is most effective at treating back pain by decreasing the tension in the back muscles to improve flexibility. Our registered massage therapist or chiropractor will not only relieve tension in the back but help teach better posture techniques and stretches to keep the spine in top condition.

Encourages Healthy Body Awareness

Studies have shown that children who are taught healthy, positive body touch and awareness are more likely to develop stable boundaries and self-esteem later on in life. Massage therapy helps children navigate their pain and understand the ways in which they can prevent it or techniques to increase flexibility. Regular massages also have a positive impact on a child’s mental well-being, making them feel less stressed. Being able to detect where the pain is originating from makes the child more proactive in preventing that pain from reoccurring; either by stretching or avoiding certain projects. Listening to your body is a positive and powerful form of self-care that will ultimately keep the body and mind well-balanced to make life easier.

Dr. Michelle Camastra applies natural healing techniques to her massage therapy services in Oshawa. Our team at Oshawa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Wellness Centre is equipped with the most effective methods to combat your chronic pain in non-invasive, effective ways. Give us a call or book online to receive treatment by our professional practitioners!

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