Tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis) refers to pain on the outside of the elbow at the lateral epicondyle. This spot is where the extensor muscles of the forearm join together into a common tendon and then insert into the bone.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

Repetitive overloading can cause the tendon to become irritated and eventually start to break down. It is the result of either overuse, weakness or poor movement patterns. There is a huge correlation between shoulder blade control and elbow pain. If the blade is not controlled, then the elbow and shoulder joint will have to work overtime.

Although these treatment techniques are effective, they are not an end-all solution for your elbow pain. They are only part of the process of recovery. You will have to learn how to properly strengthen the muscles and use your shoulder blade in conjunction with your elbow movement.Your treatment plan will also include rehabilitation exercises which will consist of an unloading and reloading phase.

  • UNLOADING: take the stress off
    • Rest from exacerbating activities (heavy gripping, twisting and wrist extension)
    • Use a tennis elbow strap to create a new anchor point and remove stress from damaged fibers
  • RELOADING: build resiliency back up
    • Apply controlled stress to the tendon to cause adaptation
    • Build pain-free ROM with isometrics
    • Strengthen ROM with eccentrics
    • Build long term resiliency with weight training (reverse grip bicep curls)

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