Physiotherapy helps individuals manage, prevent or recover from a large variety of health conditions. Below is a list of a few of the conditions that physiotherapy can make a huge impact on, from chronic pain to serious injuries.


Some surgical procedures require an intense recovery period that’s necessary to regain your full strength or range of motion. This is one of the most common uses for physiotherapy, especially when it comes to recovering from joint surgery. Part of your post-surgery physiotherapy may include a range of motion exercises, stretching & strengthening tight muscles, re-learning how to walk, or stability exercises.

Arthritis Pain

The inflammation of your joints when it comes to dealing with arthritis can leave you sore and stiff. It’s difficult to do everyday activities as the condition worsens. Simply buttoning up your shirt or tying your shoes is suddenly a two-person job. Progression can be slowed and pain can be managed through proper physiotherapy exercises. Actively moving and specific range of motion exercises will help manage pain, strengthen muscles and joints, and avoid or delay corrective surgery.

Muscle Strain

A common condition that can happen from performing normal day-to-day activities. All it takes is stretching outside of your normal range of motion. It’s the simplest thing that can result in muscle strain, so make sure to warm up your muscles before exercising or pushing yourself. If you’ve done that and still strained a muscle, then ice the area, rest it and keep the area elevated until you can see a physiotherapist.

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