It’s not just athletes or the injured that can benefit from visiting a physiotherapist. In more ways than one, physiotherapy can have a large impact on your health, improving it in unexpected ways. How do you know when you should visit a physiotherapist? This guide will let you in on signs that you may need to seek one out.

You’re in Constant Pain

When you’ve suffered from an injury, you expect the initial pain to leave you eventually. Sometimes, that’s just not the case. When certain muscles and ligaments are strained or torn, the discomfort of chronic pain can last for years if you don’t seek the proper treatment. With physiotherapy, you’ll work through targeted movements and rehabilitation programs that will slowly ease your pain over time.

Stiffness and Decreased Range of Motion

If you notice that, one day, you can’t reach your toes or stretch your arms over your head, then you should probably see a physiotherapist to deal with this sudden inflexibility. A professional will study your movements to determine what series of exercises would best suit your condition. These exercises will work to strengthen your tissues and relax your muscles to increase your flexibility over time.

Experience Pain from Constantly Sitting

When you’re forced to sit in one position for the better part of a workday, it’s no surprise when you start to experience back pain or headaches. A consistent lack of movement is the opposite of what your body needs, as your muscles and joints will begin to seize up, causing pain. To avoid this, make sure to stand, stretch or take a short walk every hour or so. If you’re still experiencing discomfort, then talk to a physiotherapist regarding other ways you can counteract the pain.

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