Jobs that involve physical labor can put workers at greater risk for injury. Lifting heavy equipment, carrying an armload of supplies, pushing, pulling, or exerting force in any way can cause sudden sprains and muscle pulls that can lead to tissue damage. It can happen over time or in a snap when you least expect it. One moment you are busy at work, the next, you could be lying in bed, applying for sick leave.

But physical labor is not the only cause of spinal injuries. The opposite can hold true too. Inactivity or hours of sitting hunched in front of a computer can lead to chronic spinal disorders. Surprised? Keep reading below to hear more about work-related aches and pains and how to avoid serious injuries at your place of work.

Spinal Cord Injuries in Canada

A new report by Rick Hansen Institute makes a few startling statements. There are as many as 85,556 people suffering from spinal cord injuries in Canada. But thousands of injuries go unreported by employers, workers, and supervisors. Canadian researchers say that nearly 50% of workplace injuries are unaccounted for.

One of the biggest reasons for under reporting is an overall “lack of awareness.” Workers fail to detect health hazards from workplace conditions such as musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders. Researchers say that to reduce or eliminate workplace injuries, it is important for organizations to evaluate workplace conditions leading to injuries, analyze the leading indicators and develop appropriate measures to protect, prevent and treat workers for a more productive workplace. Here are a few precautions to avoid serious injuries at your place of work.

1. Avoid Repeated Tasks: Some tasks are repetitive in nature. If your job involves heavy physical activity repeatedly, watch out! You may be heading towards spinal disaster. Take a break from time to time or try to request shifts.

2. Avoid Awkward Postures: Be careful about your posture when you are carrying heavy loads or sitting in one position at your desk for hours. To be efficient, you need to be comfortable. Avoid overworking the muscles or joints. Give them time to recover before you continue. For desk jobs, make sure your chair supports your spine well, so that your sitting posture does not strain your back or neck. Make sure the table does not require you to hunch to see the computer screen. You should not need to change your posture to reach the keyboard.

3. Stay Active: Try not to stay inactive for a long length of time. Take frequent breaks to allow blood circulation. Even a five-minute break every hour or two can help relax your muscles. If you ignore these little practices, your spine could start acting up. Stretch from time to time. Get up to have a glass of water, which will keep you alert, active and more productive. And remember, it is easier to prevent spinal disorders than look for a cure.

Consult an Experienced Chiropractor

Chiropractors not only make expert assessments, diagnosis and treatments, but can also provide you with good practices to prevent workplace injury. They will take you through personalized exercise plans to prevent aches and pains from recurring.

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