If you’re looking for ways to keep your muscles relaxed and wish to reduce tension, both massage and stretching will help. They are both important for patients recovering after an injury and they each come with advantages and benefits, so if you’re not sure which option is best for you, the following information can help.

Massage Therapy

A massage will manipulate your muscles, ligaments and connective tissue and while there are many types of massages the therapist will focus on these aspects by applying the correct techniques. Massage will help improve a person’s flexibility and their range of motion while keeping the joints more fluid so that they’re less prone to injuries. Massage therapists have a variety of different techniques they can use and will apply the one that is most suitable based on the patient’s needs and condition. While it’s true that a massage will help you feel good, it has far more benefits to it than just relaxation and can help strained muscles heal faster, relieve stiffness and tension from your muscles and significantly reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and even exhaustion. Massage can also help reduce swelling and scar tissue in injured patients and is just an overall great option to consider that promotes one’s general wellbeing.


Stretching does have a number of similarities to massage but is mainly used when a patient requires relief from tension and tightness that has built up in their muscles when they’ve over-used them. The proper stretch will not just be effective, it will also help increase the blood flow to your muscles, which will lead to a better range of motion and help your joints to remain aligned. A good stretch will prevent your muscles from experiencing painful spasms or cramps and stop knots from forming. Stretching is ideal for stiff muscles that have contracted due to inactivity and if the stretches are done properly, you will notice an improvement in your circulation, flexibility and movements, which will be a lot easier to do.

Massage and stretches can be completed together to promote both muscle and joint health. Stretching should be done daily so that you notice an increase in terms of your flexibility, and you will feel the positive effects in as little as a few weeks. Stretching properly is very important and should be done to a point where you can just feel the stretch pulling on your muscles. Massages can be done weekly or as often as you feel is necessary because getting them regularly will help keep your mind relaxed and your body flexible as it will release trigger points and muscles in spasm, both of which will help make your stretching routine all the more effective.

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