Our Little Movers: From Womb to Walking is a hands-on program designed to celebrate the remarkable journey of infant motor milestone development. A six-week class that will transform your understanding of your baby’s growth and provide you with invaluable insights into nurturing their budding physical abilities.

This program is a six week series, once a week for forty-five minutes, billable to your extended health benefits.

Course Format


Each class will be 45 minutes. Led by experienced Chiropractors and Physiotherapists specializing in infant motor development.


Small class sizes ensure personalized attention and interaction from two healthcare professionals.


📚 Course Materials 📚

Participants will receive motor skill development charts, handouts, and recommended resources for further learning and support.


🏡 Location 🏡

Join us at our child-friendly clinic gym, thoughtfully equipped to facilitate motor skill development.


📝 Enrollment 📝

Enrollment in “Little Movers: From Womb to Walking” is now open for parents, caregivers, and infants within the specified age range.

Physiotherapy Oshawa

Target Audience

This program is for parents and caregivers with children aged 3-14 months (pre-walking),

who are eager to actively support their child’s motor skill development during those precious early months of life.

Fine-Tuned Motor Development
Delve into the intricacies of motor milestones and discover the secrets to guiding your little one’s progress.

Cognitive and Physical Coordination
Explore the dynamic connection between motor development and cognitive growth, emphasizing sensory experiences and
physical activities.

Hands-On Learning
Engage your infants in delightful exercises and sensory activities that will supercharge their motor skills, muscle strength and coordination.

Individualized Guidance
Receive personalized advice and resources based on your child’s unique developmental journey.



We can’t wait to welcome you to this empowering class as you prepare to support and encourage your child’s motor milestones.
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Dr Aleisha is amazing! Over a year ago I had so much pain in my lower back, to the point where I could barely walk! I’m a hairstylist so my job is very demanding and I go for regular maintenance appointments, and rarely do I have lower back pain! She talked me through my at home maintenance and made lots of suggestions! Highly recommend her! Thank you so much for all you do!

Amy G.

I have been coming here for several weeks now. It’s always clean, staff are incredibly pleasant and helpful, and most of all it is helping me. I have had lower back pain since my teens, and it is finally improving a bit at a time. Dr. Cregg is excellent, and so is Manish – these are the two I’ve been seeing and I’m sure the others are just as good.
James C.

Dr. Camastra and her team are the best! In the past 18 months, she has helped me with persistent head and neck aches through acupuncture, and rehabilitated a herniated disc in my back. If you are serious about your health and well being and want a trusted professional, go see Dr. Camastra and the lovely folks at Oshawa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Wellness Centre.
Derek G.