It’s fun to head to the slopes, and skiing enthusiasts wait all year long to participate in this activity. While skiing is enjoyable, injuries are very common, especially with knees. Physiotherapy can be very effective in treating skiing injuries and also in providing injury prevention methods you can apply before you start to ski.

How Can Physiotherapy Help with Ski Injuries?

Scheduling a physiotherapy session is highly recommended if you plan on going skiing because a physiotherapist can assess your current fitness and identify potential risk factors like muscle weakness or previous injuries. They will also discuss your current training regimen and will create a plan for in jury prevention. If you do become injured while skiing, you must see a healthcare professional.In some cases, basic self-management techniques and advice may allow you to safely carry on with your skiing trip,but you need to receive approval from a healthcare professional.

What Types of Skiing Injuries Can Physio Help With?

Knee Ligament Sprain/Rupture

The knee is the most common joint affected by skiing, and this type of injury is frequent because of the increased force and stress placed upon the knee during twisting and rotation movements. The speed at which you ski can create extreme stress in the ligaments of the knee, and when combined with a fall or loss of control, this can result in tears or ruptures of the ligaments.Physiotherapy can not only help with the prevention of knee ligament injuries, but it can also help with rehabilitation as well. This is done through targeted exercise rehabilitation.

Shoulder Sprain/Strain

Falling is part of skiing, especially if you are a beginner. It’s natural to put your arms out in front of you to break your fall, but the high-speed impact of the fall can travel up your arm and cause injury to your shoulder. This can result in muscular strain or shoulder discoloration, or fracture.Physiotherapy can help patients regain full strength, mobility and flexibility post-injury. A physiotherapist will focus on exercise rehabilitation, sports massage and different self-management techniques to help you return to full shoulder function as quickly as possible.Most people are too excited to ski and fail to prepare their bodies for the intense physical demand skiing places on the body. Physiotherapy is an effective treatment that can not only help prevent skiing injuries,it can also help with pain management caused by skiing injuries as well. Sticking to the slopes that are suited to your level is also highly recommended, as is taking rest periods to reduce exhaustion.Scheduling a physiotherapy appointment before you go skiing is a wise choice as this will help identify injury risk factors beforehand, and your physiotherapist can use this information to create a specific training program which will reduce the risk of injury.


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