As a medical treatment that involves massage therapy, controlled exercise, heat therapy and electron therapy without the involvement of drugs or surgery, it’s a safe treatment option for pregnant women. As everyone experiences different pregnancy symptoms, physiotherapy sessions are customized to best treat your aches and pains. To find out more about the benefits of physiotherapy for pregnant women, than this is the guide for you.

Helps to Alleviate Pain

One of the most common types of pregnancy pain resides in the lower back. Every moment that the fetus is growing, so are your abdominal muscles, expanding towards the front of your body while putting more pressure on your lower back muscles. The more your belly grows, the more you can expect your back pain to build. If your pain is impacting your everyday movements, then it’s time to talk to a physiotherapist. They can also help relieve any pain you’re feeling in the wrists, hands, groin, pelvis and ankles with the right exercises.

Helps with Bodily Changes

Your body is constantly going through hormonal and structural changes throughout pregnancy, something physiotherapy can help with. With core stability training, you’ll be able to cope more easily with those changes as they arrive along your nine-month journey.

Pelvic Rehabilitation

There’s a lot of impact and work going on in the pelvis during pregnancy and labour, which is why it’s important to go through the right training and exercise routine before and after your pregnancy. Working with a physical therapist to exercise your pelvis will reduce straining in your pelvic nerves, muscles and connective tissues.

Increases Bladder Control

Urinary incontinence is a trying side effect of being pregnant. It can become harder to control your bladder due to the changes occurring in your pelvic floor muscles. As the most common form of urinary incontinence during and post pregnancy is stress-related, physiotherapy can help to strengthen and calm your muscles.

Helps You Prepare for the Delivery

Your physiotherapist can recommend stretches and exercises that will help you when it’s time to start pushing. These exercises will allow you to be more effective throughout your labour experience. The more you prepare your body for the big day, the less likely you’ll cause pelvic floor trauma.

It Makes Labour Easier

As it’s easy to become less active when you’re pregnant, due to exhaustion or pain, physiotherapy can help get you active in a comfortable setting. It’s important to stay physical during pregnancy, unless your doctor has assigned you to bed rest. Staying active will keep you strong and make labour easier, maybe even quicker as well.

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